Hi, I'm Callum!


I'm a developer from Seattle with an appreciation for funny looking instruments. I can fluently write in JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript, Node), Python, Ruby, and C#. I can write Java too, but only under dire circumstances. I've developed projects with JCWYT for 3 years as the Senior Software Engineer and Software Engineer for Applied Machine Learning.

In my free time, I enjoy running cross country, magnet fishing, playing bassoon and sousaphone (the big brass thing in the picture), and learning French (je suis en train d'apprendre le français AP).

If you want to get in touch with me feel free to reach out by email. I am available to work through Replit Bounties.



Softwares: Blender, Godot, Replit, and Unity
Libraries: Angular, Bottle, Express, Flask, Discord.py/ Nextcord.py, MinecraftForge, Hugging Face Transformers and Inference API, LangChain, OpenAI, PyTorch and TensorFlow, TailwindCSS, Three.js, and probably a few more—also open to new libraries.